"Services on account of their intangibility can only be felt and experienced."

Services we offer

We offer a complete spectrum of specialized services within the domain of 'Culture and Diversity' and our offering can be fully customized to suit the client need and in line with the unique variables within the client’s organizational culture, with an aim to truly 'make a difference'.

  • Assessment Services:

    • We provide a Diagnostic Assessment of one's current level of 'Intercultural Competence' through a highly valid and reliable instrument- Intercultural Development Inventory™ (can be used online from the comfort of home or office, generates a graphical profile with a detailed interpretation of the gap between one's 'perceived' and 'actual' cultural competence).
    • Assessment can be done at Individual, Group or Organizational level with the results shared in a fully customizable format, confidentially one on one or department wise.
    • The results used to enhance the current level of Cultural Intelligence through understanding the gaps, linking results with life experiences and series of exercises and a focused, committed approach.
  • Seminars/Workshops

    • All our Workshops have exceptional practical content and are based on adult learning principles with specific learning outcomes (Half/Full Day Units).
    • 'Overview of Cultural Intelligence'- Increasing awareness and development of Cultural Intelligence.
    • 'Building Cultural Intelligence Tangibly'- Advanced Workshop with Series of Exercises, Case Studies and Videos to tangibly enhance one's cultural consciousness.
    • 'Leveraging Diversity- to impact Business Performance'- Diversity Awareness Training- particularly for organizations just opening up to the merits of Diversity.
    • International Cultural Training- customizable depending on location /country interested in, to facilitate point of entry within a new culture.
    • Customizable Workshops related to specific stress-points- Cultural Conflicts, Intercultural Communication, Cross- Cultural Negotiation, Multi-Generational Diversity etc.
  • Webinars/Podcasts

    • Webinars/Podcasts on various topics outlined above can be delivered in sync with an organization’s internal L&D Team (preferably through use of your technology and Intranet) or independently.
  • Executive Coaching

    • With our international experience of having worked with Senior C-Suite Executives, we believe in creating a win-win situation for executive/managerial/professional clientele, in their personal/professional endeavours- related to cultural references, sensitivity and diversity issues.
    • These are one-on-one sessions held at our office or client site, over a minimum period of three months (since ‘quick fixes’ is not a sustainable solution) , with 4 interactive sessions monthly.
  • Leadership Development

    • We partner with clients in making sure they are effectively creating the ‘next-line-of-leadership’, who are well-equipped to take over the reins in terms of having the capability to understand, promote and harness diversity, for greater good at specific departmental/organizational levels.
    • ‘Cultural Intelligence’ is one key element of the overall ‘Leadership Competency Framework’ and we help in ensuring that this critical area is not overlooked and/or underdeveloped.
    • We use a potent and rigorous combination of scientific assessment, personalized training and coaching to ensure our clients have capable Leaders, geared for organizational success.
  • Additional Specialized Diversity Services...

    • Employment Equity programs- for proactive and legislative compliance.
    • Diversity RoadMaps with measurable milestones.
    • Diversity Communication Strategies
    • Screening Candidates - required to lead diverse teams/ serve in diverse teams, integrating ‘Cultural Competency’ as a key competency within your Staffing framework .
    • Managing Performance- for Staff/Managers, integrating ‘Diversity/InterCultural Goals’ as one key component of the organizational Performance Management System.